Monday, July 10, 2006

Making Money...While On Vacation!

Well, it is truly NOT great to be back! I wish life was a vacation all of the time, but that is our goal, right? Leave the 9-to-5 job behind and find that golden ticket to leisure and fun. This vacation was my first true "test" of having my affiliate marketing campaigns put on auto-pilot. I went up to the mountains for 10 internet, 3 TV channels and a LAN telephone. (As much as I miss those things, it was great to go without it for awhile!). But as you can imagine, I was so itching to find out how my affiliate websites and blogs were going. Did my Adwords ads need fixing? Was Overture going to replenish my funds if they went dry? Were people going to come looking for my blogs and find no new posts?

As much as I was tempted to find an internet cafe, I held back. When I got home last night, I was literally scared what I was going to find concerning my affiliate sales, click statistics and livlihood of my websites. I have put a lot of effort over the last few months to create these things to let them go to pots. The moment of truth came...I first checked my Clickbank sales and...

...I couldn't believe it! I had some of the BIGGEST sales days of my online money making career! There were even some over $100 days, which is really good for me at this time! I was so excited not only to have all of the sales, but to find that everything had been working to clock-work! GoogleAds continued to get me my predicted clicks! Overture DID replenish my funds. A few more articles had been approved and released. All was well in my world of blogs and websites...and I wasn't even here!

This is encouraging me to do one thing right now...TAKE MORE VACATIONS!