Monday, August 21, 2006

Google Adsense Everywhere!

For those of you who do not use Google Adsense, I must first ask: why? Most of my articles focus around affiliate marketing, wholesaling and paid surveys. I don't touch upon Adsense very often, though...and I should!

I am sure most of you know this already, but Google Adsense is a compliment to Google Adwords. In Google Adwords, you bid of keywords to display your ads at a per-click price. But Adwords has two dimensions:

1) Search Ads - These are the ads that appear either at the top or right column of a Google Search (or MSN search or Altavista search...etc.). '

2) Content Ads - These are the ads that can appear on relevant websites.

Which brings me back to Adsense. How do these ads appear on other people's websites? These people are a part of the Adsense network. Basically, you sign up for an Adsense account (free) and then you add a piece of html code to your website (written by Google). Google will then place ads (at their discretion) on your website based on the content it contains. You choose the size and the type of ad (whether it be text, a banner, a video, etc.) and they choose the content. Now, whenever anyone clicks onto your ad, you will receive a portion of the "click-price". It is that simple.

When I first heard about Google Adsense and set it up, I thought: "This is lame...I made $0.60 today on 5 clicks". But it is not always like that. Some clicks pay in the dollars. Also, what happens if your visitor count goes from 10 visitors per day to 1000 visitors per day? That is what happened to me. I now make over $10 per day on one of my websites due to Google Adsense. It virtually pays for my daily Adwords expenditures. And when it really gets down to it...MONEY IS MONEY!

Let's extend this beyond my money-making campaigns for a bit. Last year, I decided to run a fantasy football league with some friends. I was a commissioner and every week I wrote a group email describing the happening of the week. This year, I have my "affiliate marketing cap" on and the first thing I think of is: "How can I make something I already do profitable?" The answer is simple! Adsense! So, this year, instead of a weekly email, I have created a new blog on Blogger devoted to my fantasy football league and splatter it with not only ads, but links to my current websites. By doing this, I create the following:

1) A website that can generate money through Adsense clicks
2) A public forum for my group (and anyone else) to read.
3) Weekly Content to keep the search bots happy.
4) Good Content + Consistant Updates = Page Rank!
5) One-way backlinks to my current websites = Page Rank!

Yes, I know, I won't be making much money on Adsense and my Page Rank will only be a 2, maybe a 3 in a month or so, but who cares! I was going to have to do this anyway. The amount of time to set up my blog is virtually 30 minutes. And even though it is a little, any free publicity and money should never be turned down.

The moral of this story is to change the way you think about doing things in life. If you run a children's playgroup, why not make it into a blog or website? If you want to start a list of all of the MP3s you have, why not post it on MySpace? If you are going to have to do it anyways, why not get something out of it! This is what making money online is all about!

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