Monday, September 11, 2006

In Defense of Doba...

In the past couple of weeks, I have gotten a few "disgruntled" emails accusing me of promoting the dropshipping program "DOBA" and that it is nothing but a scam that I supposed mislead them about. Further, there are a few reviews out their (such as on eBay: where people are really bagging the program...and here I am praising it making it one of my "5-Star" choices.

First of all, the main complaint by my emails and the comments on eBay are the fact that they were paying a membership fee but were not making money. Now don't be mislead by this...first of all, I have signed up for the 7-day trial and cancelled, no problem. I read their conditions about it (the cancellation must be done during the business week) and did it. The customer service rep was very nice and asked no further questions. It seems like a lot of people are just really P-O'ed because they did not cancel in time and got dinged with a membership charge.

The other main thing about Doba is that it does not provide the true bargains that a general wholesaler might offer. Again, I spell this out in my review. And this is true. My suggestion to all is to go into the trial of Doba knowing which products you plan to sell and see if it is going to be profitable for you. If it is not, you will know pretty fast and you can cancel. If it works (even for a little bit extra money), the service and simplicity that Doba offers is unparalleled to any program I have seen to date.

This is why I rate it so high:

1) You can join it and see what it is all about for 7-days for free.

2) If they have what you are looking for, they are a superb program to join. It doesn't get much easier and it is more organized than any other program.

3) If they don't have what you are looking for or the price is to high, give them a call and is very easy.

4) Great customer service, instructionals and personal phone assistance for your money making venture.

I do not work for Doba, but I do feel an obligation to provide my visitors of TheWebReviewer with my honest opinion about this and other programs (as well as address those who are upset!). Take it as you will, but at the end of the day, those who poo-poo this site in most cases do so because they joined, did not like the program, forgot to cancel, and got a $40 ding on their credit card. Yes, that sucks, but if you are not careful, it will happen.

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