Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Affiliate Marketing eBooks: Part I - A Waste of Money?

Yawn! The long weekend has really taken it's toll on me and I am pretty lazy today! Wake up, Matt and let's get back to business!

One thing I have been doing a lot these days has been reading eBooks...particularly eBooks focusing on affiliate marketing. So the question of today is: Are affiliate eBooks just a waste of money? The short answer is definitely not! The long answer is, let the buyer beware! I honestly feel that anyone who is ready and willing to give affiliate marketing a shot should by all means buy a book! A few reasons for this:

1) Trying to figure it out yourself can take a LONG time!

2) Trying to figure it out yourself not only can, but WILL cost you a lot of wasted money!

3) The resources, links and suggestions offered in many eBooks can be invaluable and very insightful.

I don't know about any of you, but I do not have a degree in business, economics, or marketing. Without the proper guidance, trying to compete with those who do can be pretty tough. A least with a little bit of instruction, you can avoid a lot of the disasters that are associated with marketing. A lot of these books hold your hand and give you an adequate description of marketing in order to be effective. And beyond the marketing aspect, there are plenty of little trade secrets that can propel you from being someone who sells nothing to a power-user.

But of course, not all eBooks are created the same. We'll cover that a bit tomorrow. Visit http://www.thewebreviewer.com for more details on some of the reviews I have conducted. (I am currently reviewing Affiliate Cash Vault! Stay Tuned!)