Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Intimidation of Internet Marketing

I seem to spend a lot of time these days checking out what other people are doing in the form of online marketing and advertisement. At first glance, I was quite overwhelmed and impressed with what I was seeing! Some of these sites were HUGE! They may have hundreds of articles. The have dozens of reviews and commentary over a large wealth of products. Page Ranks around 5 and 6. Hundreds of thousands, if not MILLIONS, of visitors per day.

And then there is my website...a handful of reviews, a few articles, some nice commentary and quite a few useful tips on making money ( But nothing in the league of these others. So should I just quit? HELL NO!

First of all, the internet is a VERY BIG PLACE and there are plenty of web surfers to share the wealth. If you look closely at these sites, they were not created yesterday, either. They have been around for years. Content takes time. And what about the few thousand visitors a get per month? That is MORE than enough to make affiliate sales or earn some advertising revenue. Remember that the big players fill a certain void while the little players (like us, at least for right now!) fill another void. I know that when I initially started to research the web for money making opportunities, it was the smaller sites that made more of an impression on me. The big sites rely more on quantity and advertising.

So remember, don't get discouraged if your website or blog is not as fancy, or big, or as popular as the really doesn't matter! You WILL still make money if its content is good and in time, it can easily grow into the power-house that currently intimidates us online!