Thursday, May 18, 2006

Blogger and Moderating Comments Mishaps

I would like to first apologize for everyone that has been leaving comments to my blogs that I have not even acknowledged. About a month ago, I was getting a lot of stupid splog comments (or spam-blog) that I could not erase. You can still see some of them on under my first few entries. I kind of got pissed off and turned on comment moderation and sort of forgot about it! I came across it last night and activated the legitimate ones. I do appreciate the feedback and questions and I plan to start addressing these questions in my upcoming blogs.

One other final note about splogging...Being an affiliate marketer myself, I understand the importance of put your "brand" (or website links) within your signature on a comment response. I do it and I have no problem if others doing it on my blogs. It is the comments that add no content or relevancy to my current blog that annoys me. A signature alone will provide the backlink you need. We don't need a sales pitch. I will talk about this again more in the future.

Again, I really appreciate all of the great comments and questions (that are not splog!). It gives me the motivation to continue writing this blog! Until tomorrow...