Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Understanding Adwords - Part VIII: GoogleAd Last Words

I promise to continue to comment on Adwords in the future, but for now, I feel that I need to move on a little bit! I do want to bring up a few other minor points about Google Adwords:

1) The payment system for Adwords is a little bit different than many of the other types of PPC sites such as Overture and Miva. Overture and Miva charge you prior to activating your ads and keywords. This means that you need to fork up usually about $50 just to begin. It will then debit from this account until it reaches a threshold where it will either automatically replenish this account or deactivate your ads. Google, on the other hand, charges you $5 to sign up and then will charge you for what you owe at the end of each month. Personally, I prefer to pay for my clicks after the fact, not up-front.

2) Join and use the GoogleAds forums ( to help answer some specific questions and learn some of the tricks of the trade. It is an excellent resource!

3) Don't be afraid to contact GoogleAds support. There are times where their software robots really can screw you over. Sometimes Google needs a little bit of a kick in the butt. In all, though, they are pretty good program and harassing them a lot will not solve all of your problems.

4) The Psychology of Adwords: I want to stress the one the most! Using Adwords can be a very addictive and compulsary venture. Patience can definitely be a virtue when using this program. Prior to any campaign, you should really draw up a game plan and stick with it! You may be tempted to up your maximum bids beyond your planned limits...Don't do it! Sometimes, it takes a few days to get Adwords to drop bid prices for activation. If you are asked to pay beyond your limits, spend a few days trying to optimize your ads...they may require review, be patient!

5) I have wasted hundreds of dollars learning many of the lessons I have written about throughout this blog. Some lessons you need to learn on your own and just like anything worthwhile in this world, understanding Adwords is no exception. I do still highly recommend Perry Marshall's The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords to anyone who is really serious about making affiliate marketing work. Many of my (costly) lessons learned where spelled out right in this book. I was kicking myself quite a bit for not getting this book sooner.

I will continue to add Google lessons learned throughout my upcoming blogs, so stay tuned for more!