Monday, August 28, 2006

Making Money Online: I Don't Want To Do Anything!

Here is a common question that people have been asking a lot of late:

"I really want to make money online but I don't want to do web design...or spend any additional money...or write articles or blogs...or learn PPCs...or spend any time doing it...etc...etc...etc..."

Now, I am not going to laugh or make fun of these people or this question. Common sense kind of tells us that this job doesn't really exist (unless you are Paris Hilton). But the question is kind of legitimate considering some of the ad-copy that I see for some money making programs online. In fact, some of the affiliate programs that I even promote sell the product this way. I wouldn't go as far as saying it is dishonest...more like misleading. Believe it or not, there are a very (VERY) small select few who have gotten into affiliate marketing and hit it big without doing much. This is more luck than anything, though.

No matter what program you enter into (and this includes wholesaling and dropshipping as well), there are a few things you are going to have to do to make it work!

1) You need to know how to use a computer. The more you know, the's that simple! People can be very successful, however, without knowing any HTML coding or hosting a website. You can pay for web design services or even use free blogs which are very easy to learn and understand.

2) You will need to invest in some things such as advertising. Dropshipping and Wholesaling make this much easier with the presense of eBay and Amazon Stores, but still, you need to put money up front or pay for their services or dropshipping fees.

3) Everything good in the world usually takes time. Don't expect to be making $100s/day in the first month. It may take a few months to get up to $20 or $50 per day. A little patience and hard-work go a long way. Wholesaling and dropshipping does not have the initial legwork, but it does require sustained work and attention.

4) The best and cheapest way of promotion is through writing articles and blogs. CONTENT! CONTENT! CONTENT! is the king of making money online. If you are afraid to do a bit of writing, you may want to stick with the eBay selling methods of making money. And you do not need to be a literary genius, either. I got a 380 in verbal on my SAT and was diagnosed with dyslexia at a young age...and I am now an "Expert Author" on a few article websites. Kind of ironic!

Despite what you read on the ad-copy of many affiliate marketing websites, making money online does require a bit of commitment on your part. Some sites offer "free websites" to make you money immediately, but really, these are not going to bring you any sustainable income. Once you discover the tricks of the system and begin to develop your website and products more, you will find that affiliate marketing IS as easy as they say it is.

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