Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Is This Affiliate Marketer Getting Lazy?

Yes, I know! It seems that I have been slacking at my blog in that past week or so. But I do have an excuse. Most of you now realize that this blog is currently tied to my website TheWebReviewer.com. What you don't know is that I am currently in the process of giving it a whole new renovation! Everyone's continued support of the site has encouraged me to rebuild it a bit and add a bunch more stuff. Version 2 is about a week or so away, but here are a few of the new things I am currently working on:

1) New, more professional look!
2) User Forum! (read more below on this!)
3) FREE members area which will include eBooks, Web Design Resources and much more!
4) More about me and my successes with affiliate marketing

and Coming Soon (after the next release):

MORE REVIEWS on money making programs such as Data Entry, HYIPs, and the mysterious Forex programs.

I am really excited about all of the new things going on. If you have not joined TheWebReviewer newsletter, do it today and receive updates to the website when it becomes released.

Now, as for the forum, this is very new to me, but I think it is up and running! Since this is the first time that I have announced it, I don't have any posts yet! I guess you can call this my "beta" release. But before I formally release it, I would love to receive some posts and replies from you, my loyal followers! First, check it out at:


And please, if you are having any problems with the forum, let me know!

So, again, I am really excited about the new and improved website and I am sorry for neglecting my blog during this time, but sacrafices must be made! I'll keep you posted to the final release date (and again POST YOUR QUESTIONS!, no matter how silly they may seem to be!). This forum was made for you!

- Matthew Bredel