Friday, April 21, 2006

Adsense Really Does Make Sense!

OK, I am over my bitterness from the past two days of being locked out of my account. Let's get back to business!

I wanted to talk a little bit about Google Adsense. For those of you who don't know what this is, they are the ads (provided by Google) that appear all over the place (including this blog!). For example, I have two sets of ads on this blog: One appears on the right hand margin below my links and the second one appears under the blog summary on the top of the page. The one on the right is called an "ad unit" which are made up of content sponsorship from Google's Adwords program (that will be discussed in a later blog!). The one on the top is called an "ad link" which provides a topic you can click that will bring you to a new page of sponsored links.

When I first started affiliate marketing, I kind of ignored Google Adsense because I felt a few "cents" a day, if I was lucky, was not worth it. That was a stupid mistake. True, some clicks only pay a few cents, while MOST pay between $0.30 and $2! I couldn't really believe it! Even though I don't get many Adsense clicks, I do make about $2-$3 per day for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! It is so easy to set up and once you add the javascript code to your blog or website, there is no more maintenance required! Just remember, $3 per day is $90 per month! That money also helps offset promotion costs. And realize this, right now, I only receive about 100 impressions per day and about 2-4 I continue to promote the blog and get more people to visit, the higher the clicks become and the more money Adsense brings in!

For ANYBODY with a website that draws ANY traffic, you should always have an ad or two somewhere on the page. It is too easy to ignore. (But, don't be silly about it!...websites that are wallpapered in ads usually just piss me off!) Good luck and sign up today: