Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Splogging BS and Blogspot


It is a bit ironic that my original intention to today's (now yesterday's) blog was going to be devoted to splogging and spam. If you have not noticed, this blog is a bit late. Why, you may ask? Because this blog is currently being flagged as spam. I don't know really what I think about this either. On one side, I understand how blogspot needs to take a bit more responsibility in controlling spam on their website. On the other side, I find it very annoying and even pissed off that I am now locked out from writing my daily blog because my account is on hold. Whatever this "spam-preventation" robot is, it is really not doing its job correctly. With all of the real Spam and Splog (which, last night I learned was a Spam-Blog), why would they suspend me prior to actually reviewing my content? Again, nice try by blogspot, but really, they need to get smarter about this. Also, I am kind of interested in knowing whether or not someone has "flagged" my blog as spam (as you can do!). If you have, please nut up and write me a comment about it!

So it is 8pm, Wednesday, PST. Let's see how long this takes before I can submit again (and get back to the real issues at hand!).

My account was reactived at 3:30pm today...At least it was less than the 24 hours they promised! BACK TO BUSINESS!